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Best of Dallas-area’s freshman class in Texas House

Dallas Morning News
By Rodger Jones/Editorial Writer
May 28, 2013


Jeff Leach, R-Plano — Represents the Plano/Allen/Richardson district long held by Jerry Madden, who once nearly got knocked off in a party primary because of his work to reform Texas prisons. That’s not a bread-and-butter conservative issue, which makes Leach’s work on criminal justice issues risky, but admirable, from the standpoint of sticking by convictions. Assigned to the criminal jurisprudence committee, Leach joint-authored and worked hard on House passage of a bill to create a commission to study and learn from exonerations. Leach exemplifies a spirit on the right that the justice system is a government program, and the breakdown of justice denies fundamental liberties.

Meanwhile, Leach shouldn’t have to worry about his conservative bona fides important site. He was joint author of a bill to prohibit abortion after 20 weeks (bill got stuck in calendars) and one to allow concealed-carry on campus of state universities. He also got a bill through the House to make voyeurism a crime. So much for the possible notion that Leach is soft on creeps.

Leach, a lawyer, is to the right of most (other) members of this editorial board, but he elevates the House’s game.


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