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Jeff Leach Announces Run for State Representative

(PLANO) – Conservative Republican Jeff Leach today announced his candidacy for the Texas House of Representatives in District 67, which includes portions of Allen, Plano and Richardson. Leach, an attorney with deep roots in the community, is committed to bringing strong conservative values back to the district.

“Our country and state are at a turning point. With a liberal President in the White House and numerous career politicians in our legislatures caving to special interests, our freedoms are being threatened by those who want government to assume a much greater role in our lives,” he said. “There needs to be a renewed focus and commitment to rein in the size and scope of government at all levels.”

“As the next true conservative State Representative in Collin County, I will aggressively work to eliminate wasteful spending, fight to lower taxes and will be committed to improving education by sending more dollars directly to the classroom where they do the most good instead of on ineffective and inefficient administrative bureaucracy.”

A lifelong conservative, Leach is an advocate for tort reform and has worked over the past few years with Texans for Lawsuit Reform to further reduce the frivolous lawsuits that clog up the justice system in Texas. He is also strongly committed to traditional conservative values and will fight to preserve our Second Amendment freedoms, safeguard traditional marriage, and protect the sanctity of every human life.

“The days of politicians saying one thing to voters at home and doing another in Austin are over. Next spring the voters of District 67 have an opportunity to elect the person they deserve to the Texas House of Representatives – a strong, committed conservative who will roll up his sleeves and be a champion for the people,” said Leach.

With his announcement, Leach also released the names of over 500 individuals who are supporting and endorsing his candidacy.

“I am thankful and proud to have so many people join our army of supporters. These are people that care deeply about what happens in Austin and who recognize the need for strong and courageous conservative representation from our elected leaders,” he said.

Leach, a graduate of Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law, currently practices with the firm of Griffith Nixon Davison, P.C. He received his undergraduate degree from Baylor University, where he served two terms as Student Body President. During his time at Baylor, Leach demonstrated his commitment to conservative values, serving President Bush in the White House Office of Political Affairs and at the Republican National Committee, helping to elect Republicans across the country.

Raised in Plano and a graduate of Plano Senior High School, Jeff and his wife Becky are active members of Prestonwood Baptist Church where they have served for several years in the Young Families Ministry. They live in Plano with their two children Brady, age 3, and Charlotte, age 1.

List of Supporters and Endorsements for Jeff Leach’s Campaign for
Texas House of Representatives District 67

(Partial List at time of Printing)

Matthew and Jaclyn Albin
Billy and Lisa Allen
Jay and Jenny Allison
Jose and Alison Amate
Tyler and Jennifer Amburn
Jon and Jennifer Anderson
Johnny and Katie Apple
Phil and Annette Armstrong
Craig and Julie Atkinson
Dan and Sarah Avitua
Jon and Kori Bailey
Kyle and Janine Baird
Connor and Mary Bales
Neil and Olivia Bales
Ryan and Andrea Ball
David and Stephanie Bangs
Andrea Barnett
Jack and Deena Baxley
Phil Blackstone
Danny and Monica Blevins
Steve Bolline
Ken and Mary Bomar
Kyle and Lane Borrello
Justin and Ashley Bowersock
Gerald and Liz Brence
Rick and Barbi Briscoe
Dr. Ron and MaryAnn Bristow
Nat and Jane Broughton
Colby and Joanna Brownlee
Jeffrey and Karen Brownlee
Chad Brubaker
Larry and Tina Brubaker
Banks Bruce
David and Courtney Bryson
Harold and Ashley Buell
Ryan Bullock
Bryan and Roxanne Burchfiel
Cason and Regan Burdett
Ben and Lauren Burge
Courtney Burge
Mike and Joanie Buster
Jason and Faye Cagle
Alex and Kathleen Cammack
Kristina Campbell
Aaron Capps
Gary and Candy Carby
Spencer and Leslie Carlson
Chris and Betty Cater
Dr. John Mark Caton
Bill Cawley
Michael and Donna Cekinovich
Michael and Licia Chenoweth
Miyuki Chovanetz
Brad and Lisa Clark
Caroline Clark
Larry and Tracey Cline
Chris and Dana Crawford
Kyle and Heidi Cumbie
Dr. Mike and Susan Curry
Tom and Karen Cypull
Kip and Susan Daniel
Leslie and Debra Davis
Matt and Karen Davis
Mark and Kimber Davison
Pat and Nancy Delamater
Todd and Penna Dexter
Grant Austin Dickey
Phil and Terie Beth Dillard
Tom and Tina Dodson
Jamie Dorsey
Stephen and Katie Dotson
Dylan and Amy Drummond
Charlie and Chrissie Dunham
Andy Edwards
Johnson and Beth Ellis
Robert and Katy Elson
Brian and Amy England
Stan and Mary Ewing
Louis and Diana Faulstich
Michael and Caitlin Fechner
Mike and Laura Fechner
Jeff and Mary Carl Finkelstein
Ryan and Melissa Fitzugh
Cody and Karen Fleming
Mark and Cindy Frears
Mark and Jennifer Gardner
Ted and Sue Getterman
Jim and Karen Gilbert
Jay and Vicki Gillespie
Wesley and Charlotte Goenewein
Mark and Jami Goode
Dr. Jack and Deb Graham
Josh and Kay tie Graham
Todd and Melody Gravett
Cary and Amber Gray
Tag and Tara Green
Mark and Elizabeth Greer
Scott and Kasey Griffith
Isaac and Becky Haas
Eden Haas
Nat and Ernestine Haas
Tim and Laurie Haese
Darlene Hagen
David and Ashley Hall
Parker and Janet Hamilton
Gary and Bev Hammond
Chris Harbus
John and Trisha Harbus
Dan and Allison Harker
Breen and Kristin Harlan
Dr. O.S. and Susie Hawkins
Nate and Jordan Heersink
Justin and Johanna Henry
Harold and Kari Henry
Brian and Wendy Hermes
Chase and Kristine Hilbert
Stephanie Holbrook
Holly Hollingsworth
Blake and Heather Holman
Phil and Barbara Hoppman
Chris and Raina Horner
Curtis and Jennifer Hubbard
Larry and Debbie Hughey
Ade Ifelayo
Jaime Infelise
Randy and Stephanie Ismond
Brent Ivy
Jim and Jan Jeffcoat
Neal and Sheila Jeffrey
Duffy and Charis Johnson
Ron and Barbara Johnson
Charlotte Chandler Jones
Tom and Deborah Kader
Jeremy and Lindsay Kampen
Andrew Kastanos
Faustino and Stephanie Kazenske
Matt and Courtney Kendrick
Chris and Mandy Killough
Bradley and Holly Knight
Chris and Hillary Kouba
Kevin and Richi Kyser
Bryan and Eraina Larson
Larry and Robin Lawson
Todd and Diane Lay
Ron and Darlene Leach
Ryan Leach
Eric and Lauren Leininger
Trey and Lori Letcher
Keet and Margaret Lewis
Mark and Shannon Lichty
Aaron and Jen Lill
Mike and Sheri Lilly
Bill and LaTrease Lindley
Matt and Katy Link
Larry and Jeffre Littleton
Jay and Danna Lockett
Chip and Nicki Loper
Mac and Sophie Macfarlan
Brian and Lauren Madeley
Mark Marshall
David and Christine Martin
Bill and Jeannie Martin
Brandon McCain
Ruston and Linda McConnell
Justin and Joanna McCord
Chuck and Sue McCord
Kallen and Sara McCoy
Darrell and Paula McCutcheon
Russ and Julie McElreath
Adam and Megan McKelvey
Terry and Amanda McMahan
Mark and Jill Meyer
Dr. Matt and Sharon Miller
Melissa Miro
Ron and Melanie Mittel
Adam and Marci Moon
Clayton and Casey Morgan
Ron and Cheryl Murff
Aaron and Hillary Murff
David and Andrea Murphy
J.P. Neyland
Mike and Toni Nixon
Pat Nunley
Dr. Dub and Susie Oliver
Dave and Ileana Osburn
Dan and Tricia Panetti
Matt and Aubrey Pasant
Randy and Robyn Patrick
Jared and Jamie Peel
John and Leslie Pegram
Charles and Diana Pendley
Ryan and Amy Perry
Chris and Jean Peterson
Ryan and Kimberly Pickering
Jeff and Kellye Price
Julie and Randy Pyle
Parham Raoofi
Doug and Whitney Reed
Rob and Janet Rash
Jason and Amber Reinhardt
Roy and Jessica Reis
Nick and Micah Reis
Eric and Jen Reiter
Bobby and Cathy Reynolds
Matt and Jocelyn Reynolds
Ty and Sharon Richardson
Ross Robinson
Blair and Lauren Robinson
Drew and Amy Robinson
Taylor and Ashley Rogers
Josh Rolf
Brian and Kambry Ruby
Will and Jennifer Russ
Jeff and Gobrielle Rusthoven
Art and Joanie Rutherford
Marc and Lindsay Rylander
Sondra Saunders
Matthew and Jenna Schoen
Jim and Heather Scott
Kyle and CeCe Scott
Lauren Scruggs
Joshua and Falon Searle
Aaron and Rachel Sever
Hon. Stan and Carol Sewell
Kelly and Karen Shackelford
Bobby and Kortenay Shaw
Jeff and Sarah Sherman
Thomas Shiels
David and Holly Shivers
Paul Shultz
Stewart and Ashley Shurtleff
Ron and Lisa Simmons
Tyler and Kendal Simpson
Dr. Robert and Sue Sloan
Kelly Slott
Steve and Donna Smith
Niel Smith
Justin and Elizabeth Sparks
Justin and Summer Spooner
Jarrett and Debbie Stephens
Dary and Lindy Stone
Jeff and Angela Stone
Duke and Erin Strain
Glenn and Sandy Strain
Angie Strange
Mark and Austin Stratton
Sean and Cameron Stutzman
Dr. Larry and Delinda Taylor
Casey and Andy Theis
Blair and Julia Thomas
Billy and Kathy Thrailkill
Rix and Sally Tillman
Trog and Mindy Trogdon
Tim and Ashlee Troop
Tom and Brenda Turnipseede
Kristy Ulmer
Karl and Kathy Voigtsberger
Nate Ward
Mike and Sarah Watson
Cliff and Joyce Weaver
Nikki Weiss
Cameron Weldon
Bill and Dee Dee Wendl
John and Charlotte West
Frank and Stephanie White
Randy and Rebecca White
Mark and Jennifer Wiggins
Jeremy and Beth Williams
Bob Williams
Bob and Carol Williams
Jeff and Rachel Wolfe
Jim and Debra Woodson
Adam and Candice Wright
Chuck Wright
John and Amanda Yocum
Jeff and Carol Young

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