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Leach Endorsed by 80% of House District 67 Republican Precinct Chairs

PLANO, Texas – Today, State Representative Jeff Leach announced strong community support for his re-election to the Texas House of Representatives, receiving endorsements from 80% of the Republican Precinct Chairs in House District 67, as of the time of this Release.

In response, Representative Leach stated, “As the heart and soul of the Republican Party, Precinct Chairs are actively engaged in the political process and serve as a strong voice in elections from the local to the federal level.  I am proud to receive this strong grassroots support after my first session and look forward to continuing to serve the people of House District 67 in the Texas Legislature.”

This announcement comes as leading organizations across the State of Texas continue to recognize Representative Leach for his work during the 83rd Legislative Session. Since the conclusion of the legislative session, Leach has received numerous honors, including being named a “Taxpayer Champion” by Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, the State’s largest taxpayer watchdog organization, a “Lone Star Conservative Leader” by the Texas Conservative Roundtable and as “Top Rated Conservative in the Texas House” by Texas Eagle Forum. Capitol Inside named Leach as one of the “Best Freshman Legislators” and the Dallas Morning News singled Leach out as one of the “Best of the Dallas Area’s Freshman Class”.

Charles Christian, House District 67 Caucus Chairman and Precinct Chairman for Precinct 94 in Richardson stated, “Jeff Leach promised that when he went to Austin, he would roll up his sleeves and go to work diligently for his constituents; and he has fulfilled his promises in a big way. I am proud and honored to endorse Jeff Leach for re-election as our State Representative.”

Jeran Akers, Chairman for Precinct 21 in Plano, former Plano Mayor and President of the Collin County Lincoln Society said, “Jeff Leach has done an outstanding job of standing up and representing our conservative values. I encourage the citizens of House District 67 to join me in supporting his re-election to the Texas House of Representatives.”

Sally Terrell, Chairwoman for Precinct 120 in Allen, along with her husband, Allen Mayor Steve Terrell, stated, “We are proud to support and endorse Rep. Leach as he runs for re-election to the Texas House of Representatives for District 67.  We have seen first-hand Jeff’s devotion and commitment to his constituents and have enjoyed working with him to ensure our community remains one of the best places to live, work and play in the State of Texas. During his first session, Representative Leach exhibited great leadership on many important issues facing the State of Texas and we wholeheartedly encourage the voters in House District 67 to send him back to Austin to continue serving us and advocating on our behalf.”

Complete List of House District 67 Precinct Chair Endorsements: (as of time of printing)

  • Jeran Akers, Precinct 21 (Plano)
  • Ronald Alexander, Precinct 40 (Allen)
  • Mike Bronsky, Precinct 39 (Plano)
  • Chrysti Bryant, Precinct 58 (Plano)
  • Charles Christian, Precinct 94 (Richardson) and HD67 Caucus Chair
  • Dixie Clem, Precinct 26 (Plano)
  • Denise Cooke, Precinct 63 (Plano)
  • Ryan Dry, Precinct 138 (Plano)
  • Mary Carl Finkelstein, Precinct 107 (Plano)
  • John Frick, Precinct 125 (Richardson)
  • Sandy Halsey, Precinct 32 (Plano)
  • Neal Katz, Precinct 91 (Plano) and SREC Committeeman for Senate District 8
  • Conard Kester, Precinct 110 (Richardson)
  • John Knight, Precinct 65 (Plano)
  • Denise Midgley, Precinct 53 (Plano)
  • John Myers, Precinct 64 (Plano)
  • Damian Ogoke, Precinct 54 (Plano)
  • Henry Popp, Precinct 55 (Richardson)
  • Melissa Spence, Precinct 130 (Allen)
  • Sally Terrell, Precinct 120 (Allen)
  • Karin Tucker, Precinct 70 (Plano)
  • Karl Voigtsberger, Precinct 48 (Richardson)
  • Greg Wright, Precinct 157 (Allen)
  • Arthur Young, Precinct 62 (Plano)



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