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Meet Jeff

Leach 83

State Representative Jeff Leach’s conservative convictions are deeply rooted.  As a strong and committed constitutional conservative, Jeff is dedicated to reducing the size and scope of government and lowering taxes to create more economic freedom for individuals, families and businesses in Texas, while at the same time working to meet the essential demands of a rapidly growing state.  Since being sworn in to the Texas House of Representatives in 2013, Representative Leach has been on the front lines in the fight for a more honest, open and transparent state budget that funds the priorities of our state, including border security and public safety, public and higher education, transportation and water infrastructure, and criminal justice, among other priorities.

During the 83rd Legislative Session in 2013, Jeff authored and championed¬†a landmark provision to limit the state‚Äôs ability to recklessly expand Obamacare ‚Äď a huge¬†win for Texas taxpayers. ¬†Additionally, Jeff successfully authored and passed legislation providing substantial tax relief for small businesses subject to the onerous franchise tax, encouraging job growth in Texas and broadening the state‚Äôs tax base.¬† Jeff also co-authored legislation designed to meet the water infrastructure demands for the future of Texas and co-authored legislation reforming public education curriculum in Texas.

Most recently, during the 84th Legislative Session, Jeff authored and passed legislation aimed at protecting the property rights of Texas homeowners. Further, Jeff successfully authored legislation providing tougher penalties for sexual offenders who threaten our neighborhoods and worked diligently to author and pass legislation advocating for victims of domestic violence.  Finally, Jeff passed bold transparency measures to make our state government more accountable to taxpayers.

Unashamedly and passionately pro-life, Jeff believes that one of the fundamental roles of government should be to protect innocent life, which is why he has co-authored monumental pro-life legislation to protect unborn babies capable of feeling pain while providing further safeguards for women.  Most recently, Jeff successfully authored and passed a provision blocking taxpayer money from finding its way into the pockets of abortion providers and their affiliates.

With an ‚ÄĚA‚ÄĚ rating by the National Rifle Association and the Texas State Rifle Association, Jeff has also authored and worked to pass legislation designed to protect and promote the Second Amendment Freedoms of Texans.

Born and raised in Plano and a graduate of Plano Senior High School, Jeff attended Baylor University where he was elected to serve two terms as Student Body President.  During his time at Baylor, Jeff demonstrated his commitment to conservative values, serving President Bush in the White House Office of Political Affairs and the Republican National Committee.  Jeff went on to earn his law degree from Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law and currently practices at the law firm of Gray Reed & McGraw, P.C. in Dallas.  Jeff is also a Member of the Board of Trustees for the Medical Center of Plano and was recently selected to serve as an Ex-Officio Member of the Executive Board for the North Central Texas Council of Governments.  Jeff also serves on the advisory board of the Meals on Wheels of Collin County.

Jeff and his wife Becky, his high school sweetheart, are the proud parents of Brady (age 8), Charlotte (age 5) and Landry (age 1) and are active members of Prestonwood Baptist Church, where they have served for several years in the Young Families Ministry.  Becky is a small business owner and an area leader of the non-profit ministry, Embrace Grace, which is designed to minister to and encourage women faced with difficult life decisions.