Jeff’s Track Record

“After serving in the Texas House for five terms, I am proud of all that we’ve accomplished – TOGETHER! This record of achievement is one that we can be proud of – and it spurs me on, as your advocate in Austin, to be more committed than ever to roll-up my sleeves to deliver results for you, your family, our community and the entire State of Texas.”

Jeff Leach

Jeff Leach at mic Conservative Track Record

Since taking the oath of office, Jeff himself has authored and passed nearly 40 pieces of legislation, and Co-Authored dozens of additional landmark bills, that lower your taxes, protect your paycheck, boost the Texas economy, ensure safe communities, strengthen our civil justice system, and keep Texas strong and free. That’s why he’s been recognized by leading Texas organizations as a Champion for Free Enterprise, Courageous Conservative, and Faith & Family Champion, among others. He’s endorsed and supported by community leaders, elected officials, advocacy groups and, most importantly, countless neighbors, friends and constituents. They know his record. And so should you…

  • Tackling Skyrocketing Property Taxes

    The purpose of government is to secure your rights – not tax you out of your home. That’s why Jeff co-authored and fought to pass legislation that secures $5 billion in property tax relief and enhances measures that limit the rate of growth of your property taxes while supporting the decisions of local governments and school districts to invest taxpayer funds in vital services and infrastructure. The legislation adds much-needed transparency to the appraisal and rate setting process & provides taxpayers more tools and resources to hold their elected officials at all levels accountable.

  • Leading on Generational School Finance Reform

    Preparing for the Texas of tomorrow means investing in the Texas children of today. That’s why Jeff co-authored House Bill 3, investing $12 billion in to the Texas public education system – ultimately buying down local school property taxes and reducing the statewide Robin Hood burden by nearly 50%.  Known as “The Texas Plan,” this historic legislative package provides billions in teacher pay raises, modernizes our school finance formulas, and realigns our focus on early childhood education, reading, student achievement and outcomes. The “kicking the can down the road” has stopped – and Texas will be stronger as a result.

  • Protecting Your Paycheck

    Jeff believes that Texans know much better how to steward their hard-earned money than any politician in Austin. That’s why he’s been on the front lines in the fight to keep taxes low – working diligently against efforts to impose a state income on Texas workers. In 2019, he authored and passed the enabling legislation for Prop 4 – a constitutional amendment banning the imposition of a state income tax on individuals.  Texans overwhelmingly agreed, and Prop 4 passed with nearly 75% of the vote.

  • Building Safe Communities & Seeking Justice for Victims

    A strong Texas depends on a safe Texas. In addition to supporting much-needed state funding to help secure our border, Jeff has worked collaboratively with law enforcement to author and pass legislation cracking down on criminals who threaten our communities. As a two-term member on the House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence, and Co-Chairman of the bipartisan Texas Criminal Justice Reform Caucus, Jeff has helped to lead the charge in the Texas House to ensure our criminal justice system is fair, smart and tough. He’s worked to pass sweeping reforms to address the rising epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses, to address the backlog of untested rape-kits, to provide resources and tools for victims of sexual abuse to seek justice against their offenders, and to crack down on the scourge of human trafficking.  Notably, in 2019, Jeff was a proud co-author “Molly Jane’s Law,” providing law enforcement with better tools to track and prevent serial sexual offenders. Further, while Jeff been an faithful defender of the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, he has also worked to ensure stronger and more consistent enforcement of existing laws to get guns out of the hands of people who are likely to do harm to themselves or others, and also voted to secure over $1 million in funding for a statewide safe storage campaign in 2019.

  • Supporting Texas Teachers

    Jeff’s record of support for educators – active, retired and future – is clear. He has consistently co-authored and voted for legislation providing pay raises for Texas teachers and reducing the state’s over-reliance on standardized exams, ensuring teachers can use their time investing in our children instead of just teaching to the test. He also has 100% record of actively supporting our retired teachers by strengthening the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) and advancing measures to prevent skyrocketing healthcare costs. In 2019, as a member of the House Committee on Pensions, Investments & Financial Services, Jeff co-authored much-needed legislation providing our retirees with a “13th check,” while shoring up the TRS Fund to ensure its long-term solvency.

  • Safeguarding Our Fundamental Rights

    Time and time again since taking office, Jeff has been devoted to advancing and supporting legislation that protects the fundamental rights of Texans to freely worship and exercise their faith, to speak out and to petition their government. Notably, in 2019, Jeff was widely recognized for convening a broad, bi-partisan group of Texans to work together on his milestone legislation that strengthens the Texas Citizens Participation Act.  House Bill 2730, which received nearly unanimous support in the House and Senate, has been dubbed as one of the most important civil justice reforms in Texas in nearly two decades.  Experts say that, as a result of its passage, Texas can now claim one of the strongest free-speech laws anywhere in the Nation.

  • Fighting for Innocent Life

    Perhaps more than any other issue, Jeff is passionately committed to protecting innocent life in Texas. And his record is clear. After politicians in other states and in Washington, D.C. refused to stand for reasonable, common-sense bills protecting the lives of innocent children, Jeff authored and passed HB 16, the “Texas Born-Alive Infant Protection Act,” providing strengthened protections and a heightened standard of care for infants who survive abortions.  Time and time again, Jeff has spoken up for those who can’t speak for themselves: including authoring and supporting legislation to ensure that no taxpayer dollars are directed to abortion providers and their affiliates, and co-authoring legislation protecting pre-born babies who can feel pain in the womb. Jeff and Becky are passionate about their work to create a culture of life and, in their public and private lives, in word and deed, continue to support and work to provide loving options to women who are facing unplanned pregnancies.

  • Investing in Critical Infrastructure

    In order to address our growing infrastructure demands, Jeff co-authored legislation to fast-track water resource development by creating additional funding tools for water reservoir projects across the state.  Further, Jeff co-authored legislation to prioritize the construction of much-needed transportation projects by creating an additional funding source to build and maintain non-tolled roadways – without raising taxes or fees.

  • Leading on Healthcare for Women & Children

    A strong advocate for women’s health, Jeff has been instrumental in reinforcing the “Healthy Texas Women” program, which is designed to provide preventative healthcare support and services, including breast and cervical cancer screenings, for eligible women all across the Lone Star State. Through his efforts, millions of dollars of existing revenue have been directed to this vital program.  Further, Jeff proudly supported legislation expanding reliable healthcare support and essential postpartum care services for eligible Texas women, ensuring healthier outcomes for Texas women and children. Additionally, Jeff helped to lead the charge in 2019 to finally pass legislation aimed at supporting Texas growing population of medically fragile children and their families.

  • Promoting Small Businesses

    Building on his record of fighting for Texas taxpayers, Jeff authored and passed a legislation providing substantive tax relief for small businesses who relocate to Texas from other states. And he co-authored legislation providing a 25% across the board cut in the onerous franchise tax, resulting in higher wages and more jobs for hardworking Texans and spurring the Texas economic engine to robust growth.

  • Protecting Property Rights

    Whether through his efforts to crack down on out-of-control HOAs, working to tackle skyrocketing property taxes, reforming the appraisal process or fighting against government efforts to recklessly seize private property by eminent domain, Jeff has time and again fought to secure the American dream. That’s why the Texas Association of Realtors in 2019 named Jeff their “Champion” for Texas property owners.

  • Reining-In Surprise Medical Billing

    Far too many Texans are victims of “surprise medical billing” – a practice that has devastating and lasting impacts on Texas families. During the most recent legislative session, Jeff helped pass landmark legislation to end surprise billing, resulting in more accountability among providers and insurance companies, while taking a giant step towards lowering “out-of-pocket” healthcare costs.

  • Seeking Justice for All

    As Chairman of the House Committee on Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence, Jeff authored and passed the omnibus “Texas Courts” bill, the “Judicial Compensation” bill and the “Access to Courts” bill.  Together, these bills create over a dozen new courts across the state – including two in Collin County – while providing much-deserved compensation to our Texas judges.  Importantly, the legislation also institutes meaningful reforms so that every Texan is guaranteed their day in court – ensuring the Texas civil justice system is the beacon for the rest of the Nation.

  • Cracking Down on Waste, Fraud and Abuse

    Rooting out waste, fraud and abuse and shining a bright light at all levels of government has consistently been a top priority for Jeff. Jeff has supported and advocated for the passage of legislation providing enhanced accountability measures, including advancing important legislation providing heightened transparency for voters in bond and other local debt proposals. Additionally, Jeff believes strongly that any provider or physician who commits Medicaid fraud – who steals from and takes advantage of Texas citizens – needs to be held fully accountable and met with the full weight and force of Texas law.  This is why Jeff authored and passed House Bill 2004 in 2019, which does just that by providing innovative tools that work to crack down hard on crooked providers who prey on vulnerable Texans.

  • Giving Second Chances for Deserving Texans

    As a founding member and Co-Chairman of the bipartisan Texas Criminal Justice Reform Caucus, Jeff believes in advancing policies to ensure that non-violent offenders are able to get back on their feet with a bright path to become productive citizens.  That’s why he authored and passed House Bill 1342, providing effective pathways for Texans with checkered pasts to have meaningful access to gainful work and a bright future.

  • Constructing the Texas of Tomorrow

    It’s been said that the State Bird of Texas should be the “Construction Crane.”  Recognizing the importance of the construction industry to the future of Texas – Jeff authored and passed House Bill 1999 and House Bill 2899 to ensure that good, reputable Texas contractors are here to do what they do best – BUILD – without frivolous and costly lawsuits and unnecessary hurdles that stifle economic development.