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What people are saying…

‚ÄúRepresentative Leach has been a steadfast supporter of my conservative agenda, and I am proud to endorse him for re-election. ¬†Representative Leach has been a valuable ally in the fight to lower property taxes and to combat violent crime in our communities, and I ask the voters to send him back to continue our efforts next session. The voters of House District 67 can be assured that Representative Leach will fight for their interests and will continue¬†to be an advocate for the values Texans hold dear.‚ÄĚ

             Governor Greg Abbott 

“Without question, Jeff Leach can be trusted to promote responsible policies that protect Texas families from violent crime. ¬†Furthermore, in the face of misleading attacks against our profession, we are confident in his ability to advocate for the men and women who wear the badge.”

             Texas Municipal Police Association 

“The Plano Firefighter’s Association is honored to endorse Jeff’s re-election to represent the citizens of Texas House District 67. ¬†Our membership recognizes and appreciates his dedication to supporting public safety on behalf of the citizens of Plano during his tenure as a State Representative.”

             Plano Firefighters Association  

“Jeff Leach is an ardent supporter of Texas‚Äô law enforcement ‚Äď and he has the record to prove it.¬† Having worked alongside Jeff, I speak confidently in saying he has worked tirelessly to advance policies that keep our neighborhoods safe, protect victims, and crack down on sexual predators and violent offenders.¬† He is a strong, sincere and committed advocate for our law enforcement community ‚Äď and I wholeheartedly endorse and support his re-election to the Texas House of Representatives.‚ÄĚ

              Collin Co. Sheriff Jim Skinner

“As my State Representative, Jeff Leach has fought hard to keep our children safe from dangerous predators. ¬†Jeff is honest, inspiring, and a man of his word. ¬†He is a friend of law enforcement and deserves our full support.‚ÄĚ

              Collin Co. District Attorney Greg Willis

‚ÄúTime and time again, Representative Leach has proven himself to be an effective conservative legislator who has a strong work ethic and passion for tax cuts, responsible spending plans, protecting the life of the unborn, safeguarding our religious freedoms and defending our constitutional rights.” Representative Tan Parker, Chairman of the House Republican Caucus

              The Hon. Tan Parker, State Rep. for District 63 & Chairman of the Texas House  GOP Caucus 

“I am excited to endorse and support Jeff Leach in his re-election to the Texas House.  In Jeff Leach, voters have a Representative with a firm grasp of the challenges and opportunities facing Collin County.  After working with him closely in the Texas Legislature, I can tell you first hand that he brings an unwavering commitment to the conservative values and principles that Texas families demand and he has the experience, integrity and values necessary to continue serving as an effective leader in the Texas House.

         The Hon. Jodie Laubenberg, State Representative, District 89

‚ÄúI am proud to endorse Jeff Leach for re-election to the Texas House of Representatives in District 67. ¬†I can say with confidence that Jeff possesses the character, integrity, vision and values District 67 needs and deserves and has proven himself as an effective State Representative. ¬†Simply put, Jeff is the clear choice for conservative voters and I look¬†forward to continuing my work with Jeff in the Texas House as we represent and advocate for Collin County.‚ÄĚ

          The Hon. Scott Sanford, State Representative, District 70

‚ÄúI am very happy to endorse Jeff Leach’s re-election to serve the citizens of House District 67 in the Texas House of Representatives. ¬†My wife Lisa and I have known Jeff and Becky and their family for years and are excited that he has chosen to serve the citizens of Collin County in HD 67.¬† Jeff‚Äôs solid foundation of conservative values –¬† which include smaller government, pro family, pro life, and low taxes are elements that offer Texan‚Äôs the best opportunity for success in their lives. ¬†Jeff is the choice for conservative voters in HD 67 ‚Äď without question!”

         The Hon. Ron Simmons, State Representative, District 65

“As his predecessor, I can say first hand that Jeff Leach has proven himself to be a strong and effective leader in the Texas Legislature. Whether it’s on education, transportation, healthcare, tax reform or criminal justice, I have been very proud to watch him passionately and effectively represent the people of House District 67, who I was honored to represent for 20 years. I invite my friends to join me in supporting his re-Election.”

 The Hon. Jerry Madden,  Former State Representative, District 67

‚ÄúJeff Leach has proven himself as a bold leader with the courage and conviction to do what’s right for Texas, serving as an effective advocate for the citizens of House District 67. ¬†I am proud to support his re-election to the Texas House.”

         The Hon. Scott Turner, Former State Representative, District 33

“Representative Leach is always doing the right thing for the right reason. ¬†He is always available to hear your concerns and interested in your opinions. ¬†He is a great voice for law enforcement and for all Texans in Austin.”

          The Hon. Terry Box, Former Collin County Sheriff 

“Sally and I are proud to support and endorse Rep. Leach as he runs for re-election to the Texas House of Representatives for District 67. ¬†We have seen first-hand Jeff’s devotion and commitment to his constituents and have enjoyed working with him to ensure our community remains one of the best places to live, work and play in the State of Texas. ¬†Rep. Leach has exhibited great leadership on many important issues facing the State of Texas and we wholeheartedly encourage the voters in House District 67 to send him back to Austin to continue serving us and advocating on our behalf.”

           The Hon. Steve and Sally Terrell

Jeff Leach has the heart of a true servant leader. ¬†His principles and values shine while serving the citizens of House District 67, making Collin County and Texas the greatest place to live. ¬†Jeff Leach is needed in the Texas House; therefore, I fully support my good friend for re-election!”

            The Hon. Ron Kelley, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Plano

‚ÄúJeff Leach is a God-fearing man, a family, man, and a man who‚Äôs willing to fight the good fight. ¬†He is a man of integrity and you always know exactly where he‚Äôs coming from. ¬†I consider him a friend, and my wife Juli and I will continue to support him for the Texas House of Representatives.‚ÄĚ

             The Hon. Baine Brooks, Allen City Council 

‚ÄúRepresentative Leach is a principled leader and faithful public servant with a deep love for his Lord, family and truth.¬†Jeff Leach is a work horse ‚Äď not a show horse ‚Äď and for years has worked diligently behind the scenes to advance public policies that make Texas a shining beacon for the conservative cause.¬† Jeff and his wife Becky give me great hope for the future of Texas and the citizens of Collin County would be immensely blessed for him to continue serving as their strong voice and advocate in the Texas House. ¬†Scott and I are proud to wholeheartedly support Jeff Leach for re-election to the Texas House.‚ÄĚ

           Trayce Bradford, President of Texas Eagle Forum 

‚ÄúJeff Leach possesses high moral character and an unyielding resolve to protect innocent human life, and Texas Right to Life PAC is proud to endorse and support Jeff‚Äôs campaign for the Texas House of Representatives. We strongly encourage other pro-life voters in House District 67 to do the same.‚ÄĚ

          Texas Right to Life PAC 

‚ÄúIn Jeff Leach, voters will have a dedicated public servant effectively fighting for the conservative values and principles that Texas families demand. He is a strong, principled conservative who will bring much-needed energy to the Texas House. He can be counted on by voters to oppose new taxes, fight to reduce Texans‚Äô tax burden, and demand greater accountability for how our dollars are spent.‚ÄĚ

  Texans for Fiscal Responsibility 

‚ÄúSince his election to the Texas House in 2013, Jeff Leach has authored numerous bills seeking to enact measures supportive of conservative pro-life and pro-family values. We look forward to working together again to protect and enable families to lead satisfying and productive lives in Texas.¬†¬†Texas is very fortunate to have a man of such integrity to carry our vision for family values into the Texas House. We are confident he will reflect our views when he votes.”

           Ann Hettinger, State Director of Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee of Texas 

“Jeff Leach continues to stand out as an enthusiastic and well-prepared State Representative to represent the diverse interests of Collin County in the Texas Legislature. ¬†Jeff Leach has a firm grasp of the complex public policy issues and major challenges facing Plano, Allen and Richardson in this period of our dramatic growth an is¬†best equipped to help find the workable solutions we need to address those crucial issues. ¬†Jeff has a solid business background and is capable of understanding the complex needs of the State of Texas and the need for the state to operate more like a business and for state government to be more responsive to the people. ¬†He listens to the many conflicting interests and views of his constituents and tries to find common ground and then make an informed decision, based on the facts and his principles. ¬†¬†Most importantly, having grown up in our community, Jeff Leach has deep roots here. ¬†He knows our history, culture and values of Collin County and understands what is needed for its future growth and development.¬†¬†I am proud to endorse and support Jeff‚Äôs campaign for re-election to the Texas House and encourage my friends in Plano, Allen and Richardson to do the same.”

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Olin Jaye, Former Plano City Councilman,¬†Past President of the Collin¬†County¬†Association of Realtors & Former¬†Chairman of the Plano Chamber of Commerce. ¬†In 2006, Olin was recognized as “Realtor of the Year” by¬†the Collin¬†County¬†Association¬†of Realtors, and in 2015, he was named “Plano¬†Citizen of the Year” by the Plano Chamber of Commerce.¬†

‚ÄúI am pleased to join with many other conservative leaders in continuing my support and endorsement of Jeff Leach in his role as State Representative for District 67 of the Texas House. ¬†Having known Jeff and his family for many years through church, I admire his track record in the Legislature in standing up for what is right and being passionate about advancing the cause of conservatism. ¬†Jeff‚Äôs heart for service, his personal integrity, and his background have allowed him to take a conservative lead on important issues such as the sanctity of life, the state budget, public education, water, transportation and immigration. I know Jeff Leach well, and can say with confidence that he earned the trust and the support of all well-informed voters in Plano, Allen and Richardson with his outstanding record.‚ÄĚ

Candy Noble, State Republican Executive Committee Representative for Senate District 8 & Past President of Golden Corridor Republican Women

Jeff Leach has done an outstanding job advancing our shared conservative principles in the Texas House, and that is why Patty and I are proud to offer him our 100% unwavering support!  We know that Jeff is the clear choice as our strong voice and leader in the Texas House of Representatives.  Jeff takes the time in seeking input and feedback from his constituents and is always accessible to hear our concerns.  He serves as a tireless advocate who is willing to go to bat for the people he is elected to serve!

        John Myers, HD 67 Precinct Chair, Pct. 64   

‚ÄúJeff Leach is the clear, common-sense choice for conservative voters in Texas House District 67. ¬†As a long time resident of Collin County, Jeff understands the concerns of his constituents and is committed to working aggressively to advocate on their behalf in the Texas Legislature. I sincerely believe Jeff is one of the up and coming conservative leaders in Texas and the residents in District 67 will be well-served and proud to have him continue to represent their interests in Austin for years to come.‚ÄĚ

David McCall, Past Chairman of DART, Former Co-Chairman of the Collin County Community College, Past President of the Plano Chamber of Commerce, and Past-President of both the Plano and Collin County Bar Associations.  Mr. McCall also served on the Board of Regents at Baylor University and as a Trustee of Baylor University Medical Center.

‚ÄúI am proud and excited to announce my support and endorsement for Representative Jeff Leach‚Äôs re-election to the Texas House of Representatives. ¬†A man of faith, wisdom, and integrity, Jeff is a strong, experienced legislator, a tireless advocate for the constitution and a fearless leader for our state.¬† A committed constitutional conservative, Jeff is a rising star in the Republican Party and I am honored to continue supporting his efforts in the Texas Legislature.‚ÄĚ

Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO of First Liberty*

‚ÄúOur state is in need of courageous and principled conservative leadership to tackle the tough issues the Texas legislature will face in the days ahead.¬† Having grown up in Plano, Jeff Leach knows the people and values of Collin County well.¬†¬†He has the experience and the integrity necessary to represent District 67.¬† I support his re-election efforts in the¬†Texas House and encourage voters in District 67 to do the same.‚ÄĚ

Sharron Albertson, Texas Director of National Life Chain & Collin County Conservative Activist

‚ÄúWhen I think of what qualities I want in my State Representative I think of integrity, and someone who will not just vote on an issue but will lead on important pro-family, conservative issues. Jeff Leach is that person. Jeff is a man of integrity who loves his wife and family, desires to serve the people of District 67 and will lead, not just vote on important conservative issues. I can count on Jeff to say what he means and do what he says.‚ÄĚ

Mary Carl Finkelstein, HD 67 Precinct Chair, PCT. 107 

‚ÄúWe are pleased to endorse Jeff Leach for Texas House District 67. ¬†We believe he has a sincere desire to serve the citizens of Collin County and understands the difference between being a representative versus a politician. ¬†Jeff listens to all sides on issues of concern to residents of the district and does his best to see that their concerns are addressed. ¬†He has fought¬†to keep our state government fiscally responsible, economically energized and viable, and business and family friendly. ¬†Having grown up in Collin County, Jeff knows all that it has to offer to individuals, families and businesses. He will continue to do what it takes to keep Collin County one of the best places to live and work in Texas.‚ÄĚ

Stan & Carol Sewell. Stan Sewell is a former City Council Member served eight years on the Collin County Planning Board. Carol Sewell is the author of ‚ÄúWhat Were They Thinking? ‚Äď On Truth, Liberty & Legacy‚ÄĚ


*Organization listed for identification purposes only