Sheriff Jim Skinner

Jim Skinner

Collin County Sheriff

“Increasingly, there are dangerous and reckless voices calling for defunding the police and undermining the safety of our communities.  That’s why it’s more important than ever to support Jeff Leach for State Representative.” (Full Quote)


Greg Willis

Greg Willis

Collin County District Attorney

“In a day when lawlessness is celebrated and law enforcement is denigrated, we need strong, effective leaders who are unequivocal in their support for the Rule of Law and who will work tirelessly to ensure our communities are safe and our criminal justice system is strong. Jeff is that leader and deserves to be re-elected to the Texas House.”

Collin County Commissioners Court

“Jeff has been on the front lines in the fights that matter most to our citizens – lowering taxes, limiting government, investing in infrastructure, improving education and keeping Texas safe, free and strong.” -Collin County Judge Chris Hill (Full Quote)

Judge Chris Hill, Commissioner Susan Fletcher, Commissioner Cheryl Williams, Commissioner Darrell Hale, Commissioner Duncan Webb

Allen Civic Leaders

Allen Mayor Ken Fulks and all of the Allen City Councilmembers: Baine Brooks, Carl Clemencich, Chris Schulmeister, Daren Meis, Dave Shafer and Dave Cornette.


Plano Civic Leaders

Councilmember Rick Grady, Councilmember Rick Smith, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Ricciardelli, Councilmember Maria Tu, and Councilmember Shelby Williams.

“The art of great leadership is in listening, learning and, in this case, legislating.  Jeff embodies all three.” – Councilman Rick Grady (Full Quote)

Allen Schoolboard Endorses Jeff Leach

Allen School Board Members

Louise Masters, Sarah Mitchell, Vatsa Ramanathan, and Kevin Cameron

“As we emerge from the crisis created by COVID-19 and look forward to the future, his experience and leadership in Austin will be key to ensure Allen ISD remains strong.” -Louise Masters, Allen ISD Trustee since 2007  & Former  President of the Board (Full Quote)

Florence Shapiro

Florence Shapiro

Former State Senator and Former Plano Mayor

“State Representative Jeff Leach has served the citizens of House District 67 faithfully and deserves to be re-elected. On public education, healthcare and public safety, he has delivered meaningful victories for our community. Without question, he has kept his promises to the people he is elected to serve and it is my honor to endorse and support him.”

Bruce Glasscock

Bruce Glasscock

Retired City Manager and former Police Chief

“As retired City Manager and former Police Chief I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jeff since 2013 on a wide range of issues important to the citizens of Plano. I always found Jeff to be open and receptive to differing views and I respected his forthright approach when dealing with difficult issues. Even when we disagreed, we respected each other’s views, which is refreshing and reassuring in today’s political climate. Jeff was always available and responsive to our needs and continues to be an effective advocate for the City of Excellence.”

Plano Police association Endorses Jeff Leach

Plano Police Association

“Jeff Leach has been a faithful friend to law enforcement from day one. He has worked tirelessly to advance strong and smart criminal justice policies and to ensure our law enforcement have the resources we need to keep our communities safe.” (Full Quote)

Richardson Police Endorse Jeff Leach

Richardson Police Association

“We urge the citizens of Richardson: If you support your police officers and want to keep our streets safe, then join with us and support Jeff Leach for re-election.” (Full Quote)

TMPA Police Endorses Jeff Leach

Texas Municipal Police Association

“No one understands the needs and challenges of law enforcement in House District 67 better than Jeff Leach. TMPA and our brave officers throughout House District 67 are proud to support and endorse him and will be working tirelessly to ensure he returns to the Texas House to continue his good work on our behalf.” (Full Quote)

Plano Firefighters Endorse Jeff Leach

Plano Fire Association

“As our State Representative, Jeff Leach has advocated tirelessly on behalf of Plano firefighters at our State Capitol in Austin. The issues that impact our health and safety and our ability to serve the citizens of Plano effectively are as important to him as they are to us.” (Full Quote)

Richardson Fire Association

Richardson Fire Association

Allen Fire Association

Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association

US Impact Endorses Jeff Leach

US Impact

“Indian Americans know Jeff Leach has our back and we can count on him to protect our families, businesses and communities.” (Full Quote)