Plano City Councilmembers Endorse Jeff Leach for Re-Election

August 10, 2020
Plano City Councilmembers Endorse Jeff Leach for Re-Election

“The art of great leadership is in listening, learning and, in this case, legislating. Representative Jeff Leach embodies all three.”

 PLANO  — Today, State Representative Jeff Leach announced he has been endorsed for re-election by six of seven Plano City Councilmembers:  Councilmember Rick Grady, Councilmember Rick Smith, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Ricciardelli, Councilmember Maria Tu, Councilmember Lily Bao and Councilmember Shelby Williams. Representative Leach is running for his fifth-term as State Representative for House District 67, which encompasses portions of Plano, Allen, Richardson and Dallas in Collin County. Today’s announcement adds to the growing momentum of support for Representative Leach’s re-election by multiple local organizations and leaders, including Sheriff Jim Skinner, the Plano and Richardson Police Associations, the Plano and Richardson Fire Associations, the Collin County Association of Realtors, all five Collin County Commissioners and six of seven Allen City Councilmembers.

 Councilmember Rick Grady, a decorated Veteran first elected to the City Council in 2015 stated: “The art of great leadership is in listening, learning and, in this case, legislating. My friend, Jeff, embodies all three. On numerous occasions we have worked together on issues pertaining to affordable living, homelessness, hunger, health care and veterans and in each incident he was inquisitive, wanted to know more, got into the streets with me to experience the situations first hand, explored it personally and then championed legislation or networking to help improve the situations affecting our citizens. Representative Jeff Leach is a true leader and I am proud to have him as a friend and representing all citizens of District 67.”

Councilmember Rick Smith, a resident of Plano for over 30 years and a distinguished business and community leader, went further, saying: “As State Representative, Jeff Leach has established himself as a devoted conservative and an effective leader for our community – protecting the interests of the taxpayers, supporting our law enforcement and first responders, and safeguarding our fundamental liberties and freedoms. I encourage all Plano citizens to join me in supporting his re-election as he continues to advocate on our behalf.”

 Councilmember Maria Tu, a respected attorney and community leader for over 25 years, stated: “A native Plano resident, Jeff will continue to bring the core values of Plano to the rest of Texas and can be counted on to continue to lead us in the right direction.”

In response to the endorsement, Representative Leach said, “Plano truly is the City of Excellence. More importantly, it’s my hometown – the community in which I was born, raised and educated. We’ve accomplished a lot in recent years to make Plano even stronger – and much of that is due to the hard work and dedication of our city leadership. I am grateful for my relationship with each of them and am excited and expectant about our continued work together on behalf of the citizens and taxpayers of Plano.”