Leading Indian-American Group, US IMPACT, Endorses State Rep Jeff Leach for Re-Election

September 17, 2020
Leading Indian-American Group, US IMPACT, Endorses State Rep Jeff Leach for Re-Election

ALLEN — Today, State Representative Jeff Leach announced he has been endorsed for re-election by US IMPACT, the leading Political Action Committee representing and advocating for issues of importance to the Indian-American Community.  House District 67 is home to thousands of Indian-Americans – and Representative Leach has worked closely with US IMPACT to ensure their voices are represented boldly and effectively in the Texas House of Representatives. This endorsement adds to the growing list of support and momentum behind Representative Jeff Leach’s re-election bid, including statewide and local law enforcement and first responder associations, numerous local leaders and elected officials, and a multitude of healthcare, economic, and values-based organizations and groups who have endorsed Leach as well.

Khush Rawlley, Founder of US IMPACT, stated: “It gives me great pride in endorsing Jeff Leach for Texas House District 67. Jeff leads with conviction and principles, and will continue to fight tirelessly for our family, freedom, security, education, business and social values. Indian Americans know Jeff Leach has our back and we can count on him to protect our families, businesses and communities.”

Amit Warkad, President, Co-Founder and Board Member of US IMPACT, stated, “It gives me great pleasure in endorsing Jeff Leach for Texas House District 67. I’ve known Jeff to be someone who makes sure that he delivers on his promises. During the pandemic, he and his campaign team went out of the way to make sure they reach out to the residents of his district and provide them all the necessary help they can. His core focus of “Building Safe Communities” and “Promoting Safe Schools” is the need of the hour. Safety and security for the community and safe schools are the areas that are of high importance for everyone and I know with Jeff as our State Representative, those needs will be effectively addressed.”

In response to the US IMPACT endorsement, Representative Leach said, “The choice in this race for House District 67 is very clear. I am proud to have the endorsement and support of US IMPACT and the many Indian-Americans in House District 67 whom they so effectively advocate for and represent. Together, we will win in November and we will continue to work together to ensure our schools our strong, our streets are safe and that the American Dream is preserved, safeguarded and strengthened.”