The NRA Endorses Representative Jeff Leach!

January 20, 2024
The NRA Endorses Representative Jeff Leach!

“NRA’s Political Victory Fund proudly endorses State Representative Jeff Leach in Texas House District 67. Rep. Leach has an outstanding and proven record of support for your Second Amendment rights in the Texas Legislature.

More significant pro-gun measures have passed and become law in the Lone Star State during Rep. Leach’s tenure in the Texas House than in any other state in the nation. Rep. Leach voted for historic open carry, campus carry, and constitutional carry legislation, a landmark bill prohibiting companies that discriminate against the firearm industry from obtaining government contracts, critical emergency powers reform measures preventing closure of firearm businesses during future disasters, a first-in-the-nation travelers’ protection law ensuring that hotel guests can transport and store their guns in overnight accommodations, and a newly-minted statute outlawing the use of unique merchant category codes by credit card companies and woke banks to track lawful firearms purchases.

Rep. Leach opposes gun bans, magazine limits, red flag gun confiscation laws, and federal encroachment on our Second Amendment rights.

Jeff Leach has been a reliable and consistent friend to gun owners in the fight to defend liberty and freedom in the Texas House. Attempts by political opponents and third-party organizations to misinform voters and distort his policy positions on gun issues are false and dishonest.” — National Rifle Association

Additionally, my opponent has recently attempted to deceive the voters of HD67 by falsely claiming an endorsement from the NRA in an #endorsmentalert. This attempt to fool voters has prompted the following statement from the NRA:

“Jeff Leach is the only NRA-PVF endorsed candidate in the race for Texas House District 67. Any claim to the contrary is false and misleading” – NRA Political Victory Fund

Please don’t be misguided by false claims and bogus attacks. My record speaks for itself.