Rep Leach Files Pro-Life Legislation Protecting Pregnancy Resource Centers

March 2, 2021
Rep Leach Files Pro-Life Legislation Protecting Pregnancy Resource Centers

Today, State Representative Jeff Leach announced the filing of House Bill 1909, landmark legislation designating pregnancy resource centers as “essential businesses” ensuring their continued, uninterrupted operation at all times and protecting them from unlawful closures.

“Across the great state of Texas, pregnancy resource centers are serving women, meeting them and their families at the point of their need. These centers are ensuring Texas women have critical access to prenatal resources, medical services, emotional, social and mental counseling and all the assistance they need to make the best decisions for them and their families and their futures. The State of Texas must support and empower these organizations to do what they do best — love, care and assist Texas women and their babies. This legislation is vitally important to achieving that important goal.”

Pregnancy resource centers provide a full-range of services for Texas women, including pregnancy tests, ultrasounds/sonograms, classes, counseling, and even maternity and infant supplies and resources. Unlike abortion clinics and their affiliates, like Planned Parenthood, who mainly profit from performing abortions, Pregnancy Resource Centers provide critical services and resources, meeting Texas women at the point of their physical, emotional, and mental needs, and saving thousands of lives in the process.

Leanne Jamieson, Director of the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center in the DFW Metroplex, expressed her support for the legislation, stating “For 30 years, Prestonwood Pregnancy Center has provided compassionate care to all women who are facing crisis pregnancies. With our two locations and mobile unit, we have served more than 90,000 clients with free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, consultation, classes and assistance. In 2019 alone, 90 percent of our clients chose life. I am so grateful for our state legislators, including State Representative Jeff Leach, who have worked tirelessly to protect the rights of the unborn and to support mothers who are facing unplanned pregnancies. Filing House Bill 1909 is the first step in formally recognizing pregnancy resource centers as ‘essential businesses,’ a designation that would protect them from arbitrary closure by a government entity, even in times of emergency. We pray that pro-life representatives will remain strong in their commitment to the sanctity of life as they guide this bill through the legislative process, and we look forward to serving more mothers, fathers and families in the days to come.”